Paddy Power Makes US Move

After sealing itself as a major name in the British and European gambling circuit, Paddy Power is making its move into the United States. The newly legalized sports betting market has attracted Paddy Power to the state, and they’ll likely settle in just fine. Their unique brand of humor and promotional deals marks them as one of the most innovative bookies around.

Not only are they likely to see a huge boost from their new move into the US market, but we might also see a significant change in the direction that they go in. While online casino betting is still a no-no in much of the United States, Paddy and co. are making a positive into a major sports betting industry.

With an estimated $4bn to be made on the new US sports betting market, this could see a wholesale change to the way that they view gambling as a whole. For that reason, this merger could be the first in a long line of moves to eventually break down the US resistance to online casino gaming.

While it’s become a major influence in many other countries, it’s still prohibited in large chunks of the USA. With this softening on regulation over sports betting, though, we might see a massive change take place in the next few years.

For Paddy, though, we fully expect to see them ramp up their usual jovial attitude and their desire to always go all-in with risky promotional deals!

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