Online gambling industry continues to grow in the UK

During lockdown in the UK, many people have grown used to no longer having access to their local casino or poker tournaments. It’s become hard, so many gamers are moving online and taking their chances to the internet domain. With most normal social activities in the UK presently shut off and locked down, it’s easy to see why so many UK online casino gamers are chancing their luck online instead.

And it’s easy to see the growth in the gambling industry online benefit as a result. Indeed, recent figures show that the UK online casino industry makes up over 38% of the industry as a whole. Lockdown has played a role in this increase, with online gambling now holding the largest share of the market ahead of anything else in the country.

With the shutdown of many traditional betting systems like sports betting and land-based casinos, online gambling has only grown during the lockdown. It makes sense, too; with many people in the UK enjoying a bet or a casino experience, moving online when the land-based options was a logical move for most people.

And with many Britons seemingly enjoying some excess money to spend due to lockdown minimising spending habits, more and more Britons are able to sink money into their favourite online slots games and online casino events. Expect that growth to continue, too, as online gaming becomes the alternative to land-based casino gaming.

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