Online Gambling in Australia: Moving a step closer?

For years, the world of online casino gambling has been growing worldwide. There’s been a trend for some nations to fight back, but increasing availability and ease of access means it’s becoming very simple indeed. One nation that has always held a resistance to the idea of allowing online casino gaming, though, has been Australia. Is that about to change, though?

According to leading experts in the field, this is likely to become a formality. In fact, at the recent Gaming, Racing and Wagering Australia Conference, held in Sydney, experts believed it’s “only a matter of time” until the rules change.

This was the view of many experts, including that of Sudhir Kalé. Kalé, the co-founder of GamePlan Consultants, believes that the authorities will review the legislation in the future. The main stumbling block is that of the Interactive Gambling Act, part of Australian legislation. They believe that they aim will be to try and stop people from using illegal offshore gambling sites and instead use local options that would provide much-needed taxation for the economy.

While online casino gaming and poker are part of the freeze that took place in the 2017 edition of the Interactive Gambling Act, that might change in the future. With the present rise of sports betting in the country, too, it’s likely that we’ll see changes in the near future with regards to how Australia views online casino gaming.

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