Online Casino Firms Have Wrists Slapped

In recent times, the United Kingdom has become quite hard on the online casino industry. That hardline approach has seen more than its fair share of criticism from those involved. However, recently, we’ve seen the UK Government really ramp up opposition to the regulations put in place within the online casino gaming industry.

One of the biggest changes has come from the Gambling Commission, who now really push forward with fines for non-compliance. They recently handed out a sizeable fine to three gambling operators, having failed to put in place the right “safeguards” to protect clients from harm and to help avoid money laundering practices from taking place.

Casumo, Videoslots and Daub Alderney have all been fined, with the £7.1m fine to Daub Alderney the largest of the trio. Another group, CZ Holdings, has given up its UK casino gaming license.

Speaking on behalf of the Gambling Commission was Neil McArthur, who said: “I hope today’s announcement will make all online casino operators sit up and pay attention, as our investigations found that a large number of operators and their senior management were not meeting their obligations,

“We expect operators to know their customers and to ask the right questions to make sure they meet their anti-money laundering and social responsibility obligations.”

That’s a significant change and is sure to make a huge difference to the market as a whole. With tension already building up in the distance, we can expect further challenges to come.

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