Norway Sends Warnings to Maltese Gaming Operators

As one of the most regulated gaming scenes in the whole of Europe, Norway takes its gaming regulation very seriously indeed. So seriously, in fact, that they recently put the blocks on six major Maltese-licensed gambling operators, accusing them of targeting the Norwegian gaming market illegally.

This latest move will mean that Norway really has moved to enforce the importance of its two state-run gambling operators, Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto. This is a major move from the country in a bid to protect its present laws and to force those who are trying to get a cut of the action for themselves to take a step back.

Despite the regulation, though, many Norse gamers will still take the risk and try out the unregulated, unlicensed part of the market. The country, though, has taken some very important steps towards trying to stop this. Indeed, now all payments that will be made to these companies will be blocked, with local banks now ordered to stop making payments to and from any accounts which are associated with major Maltese gaming companies.

Indeed, last November, a stern warning was pushed out by the Norse gaming operators to four Malta-based gaming companies, asking them to stop targeting Norwegian players. The likes of Betsson Group & Co-Gaming Ltd. were among those warned, with Lucky Dino Gaming Ltd. and Kindred Group both receiving warnings earlier in February 2019.

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