Nolimit City Moves Ahead with Swedish Expansion

After being rumoured for some time, it’s now confirmed that Nolimit City will be certified to take part in Swedish online gambling. After the complete rebuild of the Swedish legislation for online gambling, this move has been expected for some time. The big-name supplier and developer has been around for some time and was expected to make a move into the now-thriving Swedish market.

They’ve now announced that they have everything that is needed in terms of certification to move forward. This would see them move into a market that has already large competition, but significant rewards for those who can get involved. Over a decade in the online casino gaming industry, though, means that we would not expect Nolimit to be put off by the challenge.

Their move into the Swedish platform, though, shows a continuation of their desire to keep on expanding. With all of the tests needed now received by the company, they will be able to take the move into Swedish gaming further. The readjustment of gaming in Sweden in early 2019 meant that Nolimit has to re-focus certain goals to help make sure they met the demands placed upon them by the marketplace.

Now, they look set to move into the place that they were expected to take upon realignment. As one of the most reputed and reliable names in the software industry, It’s no surprise to see them back with a whole new host of products across Sweden.

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