New UK Gambling Regulations Incoming

As the UK Government tries to fight back against constant criticism, one of the few policies they have raised that has support comes from its combatting of the gambling industry. Scrutiny about how it works and the regulations has become a major discussion in the UK public, and we don’t expect that to change anytime soon.

With so many complaints about adverts on keeping what you earn bonuses, UK free spins offer and various new UK online casino sites appearing it’s become very common for gambling to be a project to beat with a rather large stick.

Now, it looks to be that changes to advertising regulation and fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs) are due to come in. While the FOBT selection is a good idea, in a bid to try to stop problem gamblers from frittering away vast sums of money for the quick thrill, others are a little more complex.

For example, new changes to advertising guidelines have come after they try and stop gambling companies advertising to minors and children. While this is a good thing, stopping gambling firms from using child-centric images to try and lure children in to try out the free versions of games to plant the seed, so to speak, the challenge in stopping these advertisements is going to be hard given the contextual, subjective nature of the argument.

Also, there is a clear warning against online affiliates who are overtly promoting the websites, with regulations looking to try and make it harder for affiliates to be so positive about gambling. The claim is that more warnings have to be produced, and there has to be a more balanced view than the overly positive one sold by affiliates purporting to be balanced.

Make no mistake, though; regulations are changing. How this affects the industry is going to be a very interesting watch, as large-scale fines are going to become commonplace, with the UKGC looking to fine casinos who get traffic from affiliates that do not adhere to the rules on discipline and discrete advertising without making the negatives known.

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