New ‘Thumbs Up’ Campaign Launched in Sweden by PlayOJO

Despite being an impressive part of the Swedish online gaming scene, online casino gambling has some issues it has to overcome. One of the latest charges has been that companies are not being responsible enough to help minimise the potential for damage to casino gamers. That’s why PlayOJO has stepped forward with their new ‘Thumbs Up’ marketing campaign.

This campaign is all about trying to promote a sense of responsible gambling and will be a large-scale campaign across numerous mediums. Expect to see Swedish advertising on TV, radio, and digital websites showing off the new Thumbs Up campaign.

The aim is to try and hit the biggest channels at their most prominent times, sparking a nationwide debate about the importance of responsible gaming. Peter Bennett, the Head of Brand Marketing at PlayOJO, said about the new campaign: “PlayOJO is the fair casino where players are put first, and we wanted to reflect this in our latest advertising campaign in Sweden. The ads really drive home the controls we have in place to ensure that players are properly protected and the tools we give them to continue to play responsibly,

“As per our earlier decision to only advertise on TV in post-peak periods, our latest campaign will not be broadcast between 4 pm and 9 pm each day, making PlayOJO the only online casino in Sweden to focus on responsible gambling in all its advertising and stop advertising on TV before 9 pm.”

Speaking further about the changes and the hope that it can make a genuine difference, Bennett said: “We believe our Thumbs Up campaign will help further establish PlayOJO as a leading online casino destination in Sweden and the only truly fair place to play.”

Expect to this rolling out soon across Swedish media, with the aim being to be seen by as many people as is possible. The Swedish gaming scene is growing and powerful; that’s why ensuring it stays safe and responsible is essential.

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