New Jersey Gamer Picks Up Six Figure Sum – at Work!

Every now and then, we read about people picking up major online casino wins in the most unlikely of places. While we all dream of winning big in the workplace, it’s not something that comes true too often. Well, for one New Jersey woman, a standard work conference call soon became something so much more – the place of a six-figure slots win!

Playing an online slots game during the work conference, she was able to produce an incredible $288,000 in winnings. While some of us dream of the idea of getting $20 an hour, someone was able to pick up over a hundred thousand times that in a single hit – during work.

While the name of the lucky winner has not been made public – for obvious reasons – it’s an impressive winning. It came during a work conference call that she made when playing on SugarHouse Online Casino, one of the larger names in the US market. Indeed, it was the largest pay-outs made so far in the state of New Jersey.

Although it’s likely that you’d find yourself out on your behind if you were caught gambling during working hours, it appears to have paid off. Apparently, the woman “almost screamed out loud” when she managed to pick up her winnings – that may have blown her cover. While the work conference call is never the most exciting one, this call is certainly one that this lucky winner will remember for years to come.

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