New Complaint Tools Arriving for UK Gamblers

For some time now, gamers have been complaining about the lack of support and assistance they get when trying to resolve problems. When you find yourself dealing with the complex and myriad issues that can exist when dealing with a gaming company, it helps to know you have a solution waiting for you.

The UK Gambling Commission has announced that it will be putting in place a Resolver tool, from the 1st August 2017. This tool will be used to help make sure that all complaints can be made much easier, ensuring that nobody ever has to feel like their complaints are falling on deaf ears once again.

The Resolver tool, found online, is going to be free to use and will make sure that complaints can be made quickly, clearly and safely. This should make sure that an independent and trustworthy source can be used and relied upon to make sure people can begin to see genuine change and improvement in the way that they work with companies to resolve challenging problems.

This is useful for making sure that useful functions can be dealt with, ensuring that extensive user details can be picked up upon and that, should any complaints need to be made, that they are managed in a clear and easy to follow along with manner.

It’s’ also more than an intermediary; it’s a way to make sure that complaints are heard, not to have someone on your side or anything of the sort. It’s going to be a useful tool for bridging the extensive communications gap that exists within UK gambling.

Now, users who feel like they have been marginalized or ignored in the past will finally be able to showcase a more reliable way to have complaints managed.

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