Netherlands’ Kansspelautoriteit Slam Casumo for Licensing Failure

The Dutch Gambling Authority, otherwise known as the Kansspelautoriteit, is one of the major forces in driving change across European gaming. Leading the way with actors over words, the Dutch gambling authority is not shy about handing out changes and censures to online casinos. They have recently hit out at Malta-based online casino, Casumo, with a heavy fine. This came after they had targeted Dutch-based customers without having a license to work within this industry.

They are the latest company to have fallen foul of the Dutch regulatory body. The fine, around €310,000, will be one of the largest placed on a company in this part of the world. It’s also an interesting tactic, as the Dutch look to be quite serious about their strength of regulation.

The investigation that had taken place found that the Dutch gaming scene was able to get access to Casumo for a period of time. Indeed, with their wide range of games – from blackjack and slots to roulette – meant that gamers were getting access to opportunities they usually would not. What was seen as quite damning, though, was their introduction of a Dutch customer support service.

Without holding a license, though, you simply cannot tap into the Dutch market. Anyone else who is found to be doing the same will likely fall foul of the same kind of fines in the near future. The Dutch are being quite insistent about regulation, so don’t expect Casumo to be alone.

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