NetEnt Signs Deal with Veikkaus

For Finnish gamers, the move of state-owned Finnish casino group Veikkaus to introduce a host of NetEnt games to their catalogue is sure to go down well. Seen as one of the finest developers of online casino gaming, NetEnt are easily among the most respected names in their industry. Their new combination and partnership with Veikkaus is only sure to help expand that belief.

This deal was first announced way back in October 2018, but it looks set to finally kick in and take place. Announced via NetEnt on Thursday, this will see the Finnish casino, formed in 2017, finally have some of the best games in the industry to play around with. It’s also a major part of their redevelopment and reshuffle, helping to bring in more games to the state-run operator to help further expand their quality on offer.

Given that Veikkaus is the only program that provides access to these kinds of services in Finland, the need for a more diverse gaming portal was clear. Now, it looks like Veikkaus could end up with one of the most robust and diverse gaming lines in the entire Finnish gaming scene.

Without doubt, this looks set to be a progressive move that can only benefit and help out Finnish gamers who are looking for a more robust gaming experience. With the poor performance of Veikkaus and its rocky start since 2017, positive moves like this will only help to solidify their position moving forward.

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