NetEnt Releases Motorhead Slots

For some time now, NetEnt has been heralded as one of the most well-respected publishers of slot and casino games. And when you see the games they have made in the past, it’s easy to see why. With a creative style, artistic quality and interesting themes made to work ideally with the slots industry, NetEnt have long been a name to respect in the industry.

Well, the team have a new release on its way in the form of the new Motorhead Slots game. This excellent video slots package released fully on the 22nd September. This is part of the wonderful new NetEnt Rocks! Trilogy which they have created. With the new games taking the slots industry by storm it’s no wonder to see that people from all across the globe are cashing in on the wonderful fun awaiting here.

The Latest Release

NetEnt has been releasing some awesome new titles recently. From their awesome re-build of NRNA to the Secrets of Atlantis game, they have been on a roll in 20. With such quality in everything being released, then, it is no surprise to see that Motorhead Slots is already beginning to pick up a fairly sized following.

Brimming with style and swagger, this latest release offers the final part of the trilogy that they announced back in May.

This music-based slots game is bringing a wide range of new features and styles to the table. Not only is it going to be finally adding a depth of detail that wasn’t there previously in the slots world, but it offers a visually impressive design that is so easy to fall in love with.

It makes use of famous trademarks from the band Motorhead themselves. It uses famous images from their various album covers, such as the tusked skull image that is so synonymous with the famous band.

Given the untimely passing of Lemmy earlier on this year, this is a wonderful tribute to an exceptional legend of the industry. With classic casino symbols making up a large part of the project in general, this makes sure that you can get to enjoy an impressive and engaging design that is really hard to get over!

Whether you are a fan of the band or not, this is a fun and topical slots game that adds some interesting new themes and designs that not enough designers look to try and use.

Excellent Value

Best of all, though, this slots game is launching on various casinos with some pretty exceptional value provided along the way. The best freebies are being launched in the way of free slots and extra promotional deals.

Check out the official website for NetEnt if you want to keep an eye on the upcoming promotions. Since this game will be shared on so many different casino pages, you should be looking to get as much value as you can from this wonderful addition.

If this goes anything like previous rock-based slot games, we reckon this will be a massive winner on the market!

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