NetEnt Lands CEEGC Main Stage Sponsorship

As one of the biggest names in the online casino gaming industry, it’s not often that NetEnt is left out of the big events. However, their announcement as the Central and Eastern European Gaming Conference (CEEGC) main stage sponsor for the third edition of the prestigious event was quite a surprise. As they moved towards focusing on the primed Slovakian market recently, this ties in well with a new direction for NetEnt and the CEEGC.

It’s an interesting move, with NetEnt continually moving further into what is one of the most interesting parts of the European scene alongside Scandinavia. With many new companies coming in, this 2018 edition of the event, held at the Ritz Carlton will be able to come along and see NetEnt and their competitors at their best.

With arguably some of the best games in the industry sponsoring the main stage, this is a big boon for the CEEGC, too. Their rapid growth in influence has been very important for the region and has played a big role in helping to get the market opening up a bit more.

At the moment, the conference will see people coming from the likes of Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Belarus as well as Ukraine and the Czech Republic. It’s sure to be a major event, and one of the biggest events of the year. Sign-up starts on 31st July if you would like to be involved, and it’s sure to be a fun experience for all interested in the gaming industry.

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