NetEnt joins Betfred with new games deal

While UK casino gamers might be becoming a touch jaded with the increasing debate over the future of the industry, some companies are forging ahead. One such company who is not slowing down is that of Sweden-based NetEnt gaming. The casino company has joined forces with the British-based group Betfred. This new deal will see various games come to the Betfred line that were previously unavailable.

This will be a major coup for the company, showing that NetEnt – one of the major providers in online casino gaming – hasn’t left the UK market behind. This will see NetEnt gain access to a significantly boosted player base, whilst giving gaming access to one of the most prestigious names in the UK gaming scene.

Betfred already has a large player base, but the introduction of NetEnt could help to send their numbers even higher up the chain. This could be the next step in a range of growing partnerships with UK-facing casinos and NetEnt gaming, too.

With their titles seen as some of the most prestigious in the industry, it’s likely they’ll be involved in the UK scene for some time. While other UK online casino sites might be feeling the heat from the UKGC, it appears that Betfred and NetEnt see little reason to worry too much about the future.

For now, though, expect to see more games coming to Betfred. As they look to continue this happy partnership with NetEnt, even more games could arrive in the future. For Betfred users, then, this should prove to be quite exciting news.

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