NetBet Ban in Germany Upheld

As a major name in the online casino gaming industry, Malta-based casino NetBet has become a popular choice for many gamers. However, the firm has been in a long dispute with the German courts, particularly a court in Schleswig-Holstein. The court has recently upheld a decision that NetBet is not going to be able to take part in the German online casino scene.

The reason? NetBet – and wider online casino gaming – is seeming ‘not compatible with European Union law’. This is sure to cause a back-and-forth process, with the casino operator starting the case against Schleswig-Holstein in 2018. They were told to stop offering their services by local operators and decided to contest the decision. Now, the decision has been upheld: the casino will not be able to operate within the German scene. In fact, nobody can: the court has upheld the decision that the German ban on online casino gaming is compatible with the law set out by the EU.

The ban originally came into place because the company had not applied for a license since 2012. This was the last time that the state had actually taken applications. With Schleswig-Holstein being the only German state with online casino licensing, it’s fair to say that many companies would like to get in there.

However, that has not been forthcoming and as such the ban looks likely to be upheld. In the high-paced world of online casino gaming, though, don’t be surprised to see another appeal or application take place in the medium-term.

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