Mr Green Takes Aim to Help Problem Gamblers

For many people, one of the most off-putting parts of the UK casino and slots gaming industry is the lack of any real accountability on the part of the companies. While a hugely enjoyable and often rewarding experience, those with problem gambling habits often find it hard to get any kind of solace or peace from the service.

One company that is looking to do things differently, though, is Mr. Green. This interesting platform is growing at rapid pace and has become a company that shows compassion alongside quality. Thanks to their new Green Gaming Predictive Tool, accounts will be watched for clear signs of problematic gambling habits and will step in when needed to try and offer assistance.

With responsible gambling a major talking point in the British and European gambling scene, this is a major step forward from a company as prominent as Mr. Green. This new tool will play a critical role in making sure that gambling material is no sent out to players who are either presently or at risk of succumbing to gambling addiction.

By looking at intensity, risk, and volume of how someone is using their system, Mr. Green can then watch for accounts that appear to show the clear warnings signs of problematic behavior. This should be a landmark moment for companies in the industry, with predictions on playing behavior helping to stop people spiraling into a negative, damaging position.

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