Mr Green Secures Swedish Gaming License

We recently posted that a host of new companies, including the well-known PokerStars, was joining the Swedish online casino gaming licensing change. Well, it looks like another major name has been secured in the form of Mr Green. Given the size of Mr Green in the European online casino gaming industry, this move might come as little surprise.

It is, though, further proof that the new liberalized licensing laws in Sweden are attracting many major names within the industry. Mr Green and Company AB will be announcing their agreement in licensing with the Swedish Gaming Authority in the near future.

This license will cover as well as and Also, and will be able to take part in using their services in the hugely popular Swedish gaming sphere.

This license has been approved through the Evoke Gaming Limited group, meaning that they now hold licenses in major European gaming markets such as Denmark and the United Kingdom, too. The continued growth of Mr Green and Company AB in the online casino gaming circuit has been very impressive, and this latest move into one of the most lucrative European markets shows their intent.

It’s another major move for the company and will ensure that Swedish gamers will be able to take part with a variety of sites. With more licenses expected before January 1st, too, this could be a very interesting period for Swedish gaming.

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