Mr Green Completes MRG Rebrand

After years of being one of the most creative and charismatic online slots gaming sites, Mr Green has finally changed names. Shifting to their new name as MRG, the major gaming group has made a major play to settle into Latvian gaming.

They have announced that a deal was struck to buy up, a major Latvian betting site that held live casino, casino and betting licenses. This new deal helps Mr Green to move into a whole new market, paying around €2.8m for the 75% of the shares available. This major merger is seen as one of the biggest changes to the Mr Green platform since it first launched.

Based in Riga, the capital of Latvia, this change will see most of the company go under the new MRG label as Mr Green continues to take the online casino gaming industry by storm. For that reason, it’s become one of the most notable moves in the gaming market for a while.

If you are used to using Mr. Green, then you might wonder where it has gone to. You should find most of their content now under the new MRG license, and this should help you to get back into your old account. This very interesting move is just one of a number of moves made by Mr Green in the last year to try and continue their growth across the recent years.

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