Monopoly Inspired Online Casino Ad Faces Censure

For some time now, the casino industry has been under what feels like sustained pressure from the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA). The latest move from the move against a Monopoly-themed online gambling advert. The ad was seen to have broken the vital clause that meant children would not be targeted by its promotions. The ASA, then, has acted as it felt like this ad fell below that threshold.

This is quite an interesting story in that the casino ads industry is under significant fire at present. The feeling was that with the Monopoly mainstay Uncle Pennybags on the page, that many kids could be taken in by the advert. With the ASA determined to stop ads from being aimed at a younger audience, this move is just their latest action to try and curb this kind of behaviour.

Indeed, with problem gambling increasing for those aged 11-16, according to the Gambling Commission, it’s easy to see why action would be taken. The ASA has been pretty diligent in its desire to shut down the build-up of ads that might encourage kids to start taking up gambling. When you see the shocking number of young people who are taking part in gambling in the UK, though, it’s easy to see why there is such a move against the issue.

While this might lead to nothing, it is still another fine example of the ASA not sitting by idly while kids are impacted or harmed.

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