Meet The Future of UK Slots Gaming – Blockchain!

For some time now, UK slots gaming has been seeing a lot of positive changes to the way that it works and operates. Making it more ethical and accessible for all has been a big move, but one of the most impressive changes has been the introduction of the future of gaming: Blockchain gaming. One of the people leading this potential revolution is the development of Star Fox, Jez San. Star Fox, a massive hit on Nintendo consoles ‘back in the day’, is going to take a much greater level of precedence in the eyes of casino games and the like in the near future.

The developer himself wants to use the $200,000 raised to launch this new idea, building a Blockchain-based gaming service. It’s going to be the next step up since his development of Argonaut Software and then, now, Funfair. Blockchain tech is being used in various ways, and San clearly sees it as one of the ways to help diversify and improve the rampant, massive gaming industry.

Developed by Satoshi Nakatomo, this is another take on the popular Bitcoin platform that has detonated and form a new ‘alt-currency’. Indeed, this new platform is going to be running on Ethereum, one of the many Bitcoin copycats out there. The main issue that exists around such a project, though, is gaining the trust and the interest of the public.

With everything more or less open for auditing, the idea of the kind of back-door casino scams that used to take place will be a thing of the past. It’s going to be much more regulated, much more modern and just a lot safer in general – if they managed to get the platform launched in the first place.

Regulators are banging their heads against the wall trying to get over this issue. Given the fact this essentially self-regulates itself with all of the feared skulduggeries that can take place more or less made obsolete, how can it be regulated?

It’s going to be interesting given this runs far outside the typical confines. Whatever the decision is, it could have a landmark impact on the entire industry. It might just the beginning of a new kind of gaming, too: one that is far less weighted in the favor of the house.



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