Live dealer games growing massively in UK during lockdown

As part of the consequences of lockdown, many normal activities that we get to enjoy are being changed. A simple trip to the bookies was, for a long time, something that Britons couldn’t do. However, one thing that has been noticed is that in the absence of a quick flutter at a local store, many people are moving online to take their online betting and casino experience elsewhere.

And one section of the industry which has benefitted from that massively is the online live dealer casino industry. Live dealership casinos are becoming hugely popular as people put their time and effort into playing with a live dealer calling the shots. During the lockdown, then, stats show that the live dealer games are some of the most popular on the market today – and it’s easy to see why.

Their simple accessibility paired with the fact it offers a ‘real’ casino experience, with a real person making the calls, offers a casino experience far closer to wah you would get in a real live casino. So, for many gamers who are bored during the lockdown, having a quick flutter with a live dealer feels more enjoyable than going for a normal online casino experience managed by random number generation.

So, for this reason, many people are turning to live dealer games in a bid to pass the time. While lockdown is easing up, the long-term habits for many live casino gamers have now formed fully.

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