Labour Costs Punter £70k!


In the 2017 General Election, it was expected that the once-again-left-wing Labour Party would be crushed. Pollsters, pundits, and experts were quite unanimous that the public was not interested in mandating Jeremy Corbyn with the chance of being the Prime Minister. And while those betting big on various UK gaming sites were happy to bet against the election result that we saw, not everyone was quite so sure that Corbyn was going down swinging!

Indeed, one unlucky punter lost £70,000 on the Labour result. While even the best UK casino sites were taking bets on a Corbyn crushing, some people had their money on JC coming out of this smelling of roses.

By putting a whopping £70k on with William Hill, one of the leading UK online bookmakers and gaming sites, the punter cost himself a whopping five figures on what was called a “can’t miss” bet. As the result began to filter through, then, the better must have been distraught! Thinking he was going to win big on a keep what you earn easy win bet, he lost a huge sum of money just betting on an outcome all the experts assured us was the case.

The lack of a majority in the UK Parliament meant that the bet fell through and that, despite electoral ‘victory’ (by the slimmest possible margin), the man responsible for the bet was a whopping £70k down in the long run.

This is why you should save your gaming money for fun stuff like many of the new UK online casino sites and slot sites. Betting on politics, especially on ‘expert’ advice, is a mug’s game!

The next time you head down to place a bet on your favorite politician, or least favorite, in this case, remember that the polls usually are a lot of nonsense. Save that money and get some nice casino gaming on the go instead – you’re more likely to win something anyway!

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