Kindred Steps Back from Spanish Gaming Application

As the Spanish continue to go through a wholesale change of their online casino gaming industry, many applications to join the marketplace are being lodged. One company that had put in a bid for an application was that of Kindred Group, the popular online gaming operator. However, they have now changed their mind on the Spanish deal. Instead, they look set to pull out of the application process and instead continue to expand into other markets.

One of their target markets is believed to be the ripe Swedish market. Though high regulatory standards are in place, Swedish casino gaming is in a healthy location and thus is set to enjoy a major boon to their profile with the addition of Kindred. Another market they are set to target is the growing market in the United States.

With their license application being taken back by the company, this could go for some time. Expect to see a return in the long-term future, though, as the main aim appears to be a short-term boost in the Swedish and American markets. Having already seen their major brand, Unibet, succeed over in the New Jersey gaming scene, Kindred clearly have a taste for the American market.

US gaming markets are expected to continue to slowly but surely open up, meaning that the chance for even more success and opportunity is sure to appear in the near future. For that reason, expect to see Kindred proceed forward.

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