Japan Moves Closer to Legal Casinos

For some time now, Japan has been on a one-way course to changing its entire view of the gambling industry. Once seen as a major no-no in Japan, recent decades have seen a gradual but significant shift in their general view of this particular activity. Now, it looks like we might be about to see a major shift in their understanding of the gambling industry.

New laws are presently being discussed to help see if they can help bring even more gaming options. Recently, the lower chamber of Parliament put through a Bill that would regulate the set-up of resorts, including casino resorts. This would help to build on the huge potential in the Japanese gaming scene, which is seen by many to be among the largest gaming markets on the planet.

While online casino gaming is alive and well in Japan, this has shown that the general mood towards casino gaming is on a gradual and important shift. What is interesting is that the spaces of the facilities will be limited to around 3% of the whole IR area being allowed to be aimed at gaming. Also, a heavy 30% gaming tax will be paid by operators.

Still, the lucrative nature of the Japanese online casino gaming industry should mean that plenty of people can see a benefit and a potential future for themselves in the Japanese gaming industry simply by investing some time and effort into this lucrative, exciting new gaming opportunity.

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