Greeks Set for Consultation on Gaming Regulations

For a while, Greece has looked set to become the next European nation to undergo a big change in its online casino gaming regulations. However, these moves look set to become a whole faster, as the Hellenic Gaming Commission (EEEP) has delivered a 10-day deadline for the industry to respond to their new regulation suggestions.

A new set of rules were produced recently, with new draft ruling showing significant amendments to previously set regulations. With the regulator looking for a firm commitment from the interested parties and the industry as a whole, a decision will need to come swiftly: already two days have passed since the ultimatum was made.

This move, though, would see several changes come in place in protection of the player in Greece. For example, licenses will be needed – as is standard practice across the continent – and will need to carry significant responsible gambling content. It will also need to carry in-house support and also for players to set wagering limits. Operators, too, will be expected to step in should a user show the signs of a problem gamer.

With the country set to see significant change across the board at present, the EEEP has shown it will not hold back in creating a fairer gambling community. For Greek gamers, this latest change will finally offer some clarity on what has felt like slowly stagnating talks. With various pro-gamer options included in the new regulations, the next move from industry experts and leaders will be interesting indeed.

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