Greek Gambling Companies Announce Record Profits

As one of the European nations to have embraced online casino gaming, Greece has just witnessed record profits for the industry. Online gambling companies in Greece have brought in a whopping €356m in gross profits. That is, by contrast, just under one-third extra in comparison to the year previously. This shows that the ease of access and the high-quality management of the Greek gaming market makes sure that there is ample proof that their system works at present.

Those profits, then, come from the 15 online casino gaming companies in Greece. With a large growth over previous years, we can likely start to see significant investment to roll into one of the European nations which are making the most of its thriving casino market. Even more impressively, there is likely to be a significant change in the way that other European markets look at online casino gaming.

With the likes of Bet365 (managed by B2BGamingServices) turning a profit of around €135.2m itself, it’s easy to see why there are so many interesting factors at play here. Once derided as a waste of commerce for the country, there is ample proof that there is a booming gaming economy within this Southern European nation.

Profits are often seen to be much lower in the industry, but this is a showcase that Greece is making the most of the opportunity. Thanks to the tightening up how casino gaming takes place in the country, we might expect to see a continuation of such positive performance in the years to come.

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