Greece Reveals New Gambling Licensing Aims

Amid a series of European nations changing their position on online casino gaming, Greece has long considered its options. However, while no official is yet to be put forward by the Greek government, it sounds like changes might be coming to Greek gambling laws for land-based and online casino usage. The Greece Gaming Commission is supposed to make a statement and announcement with regards to the new licensing laws in the near future.

Casinos will be provided changed criteria for their rating across the country, with license lengths and costs changing, too, for land-based casinos. All applicants will have until 1st December 2019 to submit a request, as all existing casino operators will then have to re-apply for their license.

Those who are approved will get to take advantage of the new reduced tax structure which was endorsed in the January of 2018. These moves, then, look set to help further tie the casino industry with the tourism industry across Greece. The nation, though, does hold an interesting history with electronic gaming of all kinds: until 2011, even owning an entertainment console like a PlayStation, in an internet café or similar was not permitted.

In 2011, though, the 2011 Gambling Act changed a lot, and the use of online gambling changed. With continuous back and forth and required revisions due to European Commission concerns, these latest laws look set to help Greece finally find a solution that will benefit all parties.

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