Global Gaming Reports Significant Losses, Shares Rise

Following the change in how popular casino platform Global Gaming operates within the Swedish sphere, there’s been a note of “dark times” falling upon the form. The Stockholm-listed group has provided an interim report for their financial performance from September 2019 until November 2019. The results, though, were not great; revenues were down close to 75%, and the company produced an operating loss of around SEK37.6m.

They also made an after-tax loss of around SEK37m, showing how the issue with Sweden has caused their ability to perform their roles as intended to dwindle. Things have not been great across the year-to-date, though, with their revenue having dropped just under half – dropping by a whopping 48%.

This has been a tough year for the company, with the constant back and forth with their Swedish operations causing a lot of consternation. At the moment, it’s not entirely certain what happens next. The issue has been ongoing for some time, and there’s little sign of a resolution on the horizon for anyone.

They lost their latest appeal to the Swedish gambling authority and was found that their dispute was not strong enough to have the decision reversed. As it stands, there’s no clarity on what the next step is going to be for Global Gaming – at least in Sweden.

Though the company is clearly in one of its most challenging periods of recent times, things can change pretty quickly in the hectic, high-intensity world of online gaming.

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