Global Gaming Loses Latest Gambling Appeal

For some time now, Global Gaming has been fighting a losing battle on the right to operate within Sweden. They have had their license revoked in the past, and have spent some amount of time trying to fight to reclaim what they lost out on. The company, though, is in the middle of yet another setback from the Swedish lawmakers. They’ve recently had their appeal rejected by the Swedish Gambling Authority, the Spelinspektionen.

The body has decided to knock back their latest request once again, creating more anger in the online gaming community. It was first removed from the company as far back as June 2019, and it came just six months into the new era of Swedish casino gaming.

While some will decry the move as needless, the company has struggled to stay within the rules set by the Swedish authorities. The main issues stemmed from concerns that the Swedish governing body had over their ability to put in place convincing anti-money laundering laws.

They also failed when it came to ‘know your customer’ quality, which is a major part of the rejuvenated Swedish gaming scene. With the importance for companies to be able to make gaming a safe habit becoming a widespread talking point, there is certainly plenty of conversation going on with regards to what happens next.

With so much uncertainty around Global Gaming and what happens next, it appears their chance of getting back into the market might have passed.

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