Germany Faces Wait for Online Gambling Resolution

As one of the most powerful nations in Europe, Germany is often seen as a leader on many topics. However, the nation appears to be at loggerheads when it comes to finding a resolution to its online casino gaming options. The nation, derided for a lack of clear direction with online gambling, has failed to come up with a clear consensus. An amendment that was put forward to the inter-state gambling treaty has failed to provide the clarity with some would have wanted.

Once fully legalised, online gambling and sports betting will fall to the likes of Niko Steinkrauss, the Managing Director of Merkur Sportwetten. Steinkrauss, though, has been open with his frustration at the glacial pace that talks are moving at. Speaking about these challenges, he said: “A new licensing process will take place with permits beginning in 2020 without a limit on the number, but would only be valid until June 2021, which is a quite unreasonably short time-frame.”

He also remarked that many of the provisions that were previously held as unreasonable in the previous treaty have yet to be addressed, adding: “The amended treaty contains restrictions on the offer that is contrary to the market practice and regulation objectives concerning player protection, especially with regard to living betting and stake limits.”

With much of Europe in the midst of a transformative change to the continents wider approach to online casino gaming, this present inability to find consensus will only cause friction.

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