German Casino Gamers Uses Loophole to Avoid Debts

To be good at online casino gaming, you often need to be ready to put in the time and effort to achieve said success. It needs craft and invention, too, and a lot of gumption if you want to be able to get the best hits. Well, one particularly crafty German online gambler has managed to use a legal loophole to avoid paying off a rather whopping VISA bill!

The claim, brought forward by Landesbank Berlin AG, was to do with a German user not paying off the charges they’d brought on by using an international online casino. While the customer didn’t deny actually making the charges, meaning the bank should be able to take him to task for not paying, the gamer had an interesting counterpoint: that the bank had no right to collect the money, as online casino gambling is illegal in Germany.

It was ruled that, under 7995 Merchant Category Code (MCC), the bank had ‘an obligation to decline the activity’ due to it being illegal. They also noted that the bank carries specific fees that are accrued when you process a ‘lottery, betting and casino sale’ – so they already made concessions for people breaking the rules.

While one court case is ‘won’ by the particular gamer, he might face prosecution for “participation in unlawful gaming” – with a 2015 precedent meaning it might be hard to hoodwink that particular court case on a technicality. It might have worked this time, but it sounds like changes are afoot that would stop such activity in the future.

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