Ganapati Introduces New Online Casino ICO

For some time now, the gaming industry has seen a swift and steady change in the way that it works. Many new options and ideas appear all the time, from new promotions that help out the punter to entirely new ways of handling payment. One such system is the Initial Coin Offering which has become very popular in the online casino industry: combining modern cryptocurrency with online casino gaming.

The Ganapati Group, then, has announced its latest ICO for an online casino gaming platform. With no specific date set for the ICO, reports claim that a pre-sales round will begin in the first quarter of 2019. This is going to be very exciting, as they build on the success of GanaEight Coin Limited.

The company itself has been a prominent name since it formed in 2013 and is seen as the ‘next generation of online casino gaming’ powering itself using blockchain. It’s seen as being able to help bring a Japanese culture into the global online casino gaming platform.

While some people are still reticent to try out things like blockchain casinos, ideas such as this one from the Ganapati Group should play some role in helping to overcome that. Not only is this an idea that is gaining more popularity as time goes on, but many see it as a future for the industry that could be better regulated by the markets themselves, not by governance.

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