Gambling Watchdog Fails in FOBT Stakes

After a long time of adjustment and discussion on the topic, surprise news filtered through that Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs) in the UK will not be adjusted. After a long campaign that has affected the mood both on online and offline gaming and UK online casino sites, this change is an interesting swerve. It was expected that FOBT prices would be changed to a maximum of just £2 whereas at present the games allow for much higher investments to be made.

Sources close to the decision previously believed that a change in the industry was just around the corner. This has been curbed, though, as it becomes apparent that there’s still ample resistance to change within the industry.

Industry regulators failed to deliver the verdict expected by activists and MPs, which will delight some and terrify others. The aim was to cut down the price of an FOBT limit from the £100 position at present to something between £2 and £50.

This has been shot down, though, and has contributed to a distrustful atmosphere around the next move for the industry. The Gambling Commissions surprising decision has caused much discussion in the last week. With many expecting the change to be enforced, it may have a significant impact on all manner of different parts of the UK online casino industry, too.

As regulatory strictness as shown that it can be combatted, there may be further controversy to come as regulators struggle to adapt to the challenges that they face.

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