Gambling firms paid out £19.6m in fines

For years, the online casino industry in the United Kingdom has been changing into something else entirely. Once one of the laxest markets in Europe, today the British approach to online casino gaming regulation has been very much a change for the better. Now far more regulated and in the benefit of the player as much as the company, today we see more and more fines being handed out to companies.

Indeed, it was pointed out recently that a record £19.6m in fines have been handed out to companies who have failed to help their customers, and also failed to avoid money laundering schemes from continuing on. This has become a major talking point in the UK gaming scene, with many companies being hit with some really large fines in a bid to try and make the point clear that gambling firms cannot just keep acting as they had in the past.

The industry is changing. That much is clear. And the UK wishes to try and make a more rehabilitated image of the gambling scene in the country. This means getting tough with some of the biggest companies as much as it does with smaller operators, though. That is why there is such excitement around what comes next for the gambling firms out there: who will take the chance to really build something special?

The first casino company to go a long period of time without a fine probably has the chance to become a market leader in an industry with massive interest, but still has issued over the public trust.

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