Gambling Commission Cracks Down on Payout Withholding

For anyone who has won big at online casino gaming, the euphoria you feel is very hard to replicate. However, just as this feels amazing, the feeling of seeing your winnings withheld from you is quite the gut-wrenching experience.

If you want to avoid that, you can have the Gambling Commission to thank. They have ordered all online casino gambling operators to stop using ‘unfair terms’ to avoid paying out to customers who have won. Otherwise, they can face regulatory action from the GC.

The fact that people are so quick to trust gambling operators with their money is the first issue. They make it hard for people to get the money out, using a litany of unfair and vague terms to try and make it hard to get your winnings processed. Normally, it comes from a small stake winning a huge sum; naturally, the companies do all they can to avoid taking a hit financially.

Indeed, it’s not uncommon for people who win on a regular basis to see their accounts banned altogether. From the hidden wagering requirements attached to sign-up bonuses to poor form in paying out, the GC is finally taking action to make sure that online casino gamers are paid out what they are due.

The aim is to put an end to the poor terms that stop withdrawals and to also allow gamers to withdraw their winnings in full – not in a drip-feed exercise that encourages them to continue gambling.

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