Gambling Commission Clamps Down on LeoVegas After ‘Goading Addict’

As has been reported for some time now, the UK Gambling Commission has been looking to hit back at unruly gambling practices. Major names within the industry have been censured, warned and fined in the past. Now, it looks like LeoVegas could be in a spot of bother. This comes after seemingly ‘bombarding’ a suspended user, a gambling addict, with masses of marketing material.

The claim that the company accepted a bet as large as €20,000 from a problem gambler is at the heart of the controversy. This money, stolen from their mother. The individual was then the recipient of masses of marketing material in a bid to get them to continue gambling. The case, which you can read more about in The Guardian, has become the latest controversy in the UK gambling scene.

After “concerning” communication was brought to light in a web chat, the individual had their account banned. The case comes amid a flurry of demands for the industry to clean up its act with regards to how it contacts customers – and how customers manage to place bets of such a scale without a much more studious checking system.

Whatever comes next, it’s part of a wider problem for LeoVegas. It was their sister companies, Castle Jackpot and Pink Casino included, that sent marketing material to the individual. This could be as often as four times per day. This story is sure to continue on for some time.

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