FunFair Technologies Steps into Online Casino Industry

With many new companies entering the fray into the online casino gaming industry in recent years, we have a new name to look out for FunFair Technologies. Their movement into the industry comes with a rather interesting twist, though – unlike other teams moving into the online casino industry, they are introducing an Ethereum-based solution. As one of the most common cryptocurrencies at the moment, they hope to offer a simpler experience.

It’s an interesting take, and according to the FunFair Technologies website, they are mighty serious saying: “The gaming industry can no longer be a stranger to the blockchain technology. FunFair provides blockchain-powered solutions with the potential to profoundly change the online gaming industry for both the operator and player.”

Building a series of Blockchain based online casino games will further change the industry, as it undergoes a bit of a metamorphosis. Most of the new games are going to be based on HTML5 and should be fast-paced and thrilling casino styles games.

Indeed, they are also aiming for desktop and mobile compatibility, with the development team saying: “Games built on the FunFair platform run directly in the browser on desktop and mobile devices without requiring an app download, completely eliminating one of the major pain-points of player onboarding.”

This is yet another re-assuring sign that competitiveness is all and well in the online casino gaming industry. It’s definitely something a little different, with Blockchain-based gaming in its infancy, but it’s an interesting development for the entire industry. With a strong reputation to build on, how they help to develop online casino gaming will be fun to watch.

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