Football Association Moves Away from Gambling Ads


Having been a major problem for some time, the weird connection between football and gambling sites look to be coming to an end. While the best UK free spins used to be found adorned on the fronts of some of the largest football clubs in the country, it looks like the FA is finally moving to try and clear the muddied name of football. The likes of Ladbrokes will be cut adrift from the Football Association as they look to clean up the image of the beautiful game.

This comes after just 12-months of a four-year-deal with the betting firm, as they look to try and avoid these problems from getting worse. The pandemic of betting in football has been exposed in recent times as a growing nightmare, with players and teams finding themselves in a unique conflict of interest. This mode is the first baby steps towards finally putting a solution in place that might actually make a difference.

This is the end to what many people were calling a unique conflict of interest within the governing body for football. No member club or member of a club can gamble on football – anywhere in the world. The case of Joey Barton, a footballer who was essentially retired by a gambling ban, shone a light on the hypocrisy within the organization.

Thanks to this, then, an end to the way that both industries operate alongside each other is needed. While many people once found out about the best new casino sites online through their football teams sponsorship and partnership, those days could be coming to a close.

While at the moment this is just an FA rule, it’s going to likely be passed down to football clubs within a short space of time, changing how clubs will market themselves long-term.

Do you think that this is a good thing for football? Do you believe that the time is right to take such a stand, or should the FA have found its morals before a crucial case came along to expose them?

Either way, it’s the beginning of what could be a wholesale change to how football is being run.

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