Fixed Odds Betting Terminals Changes to Come?

For years, many arguments have been made for and against Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs) as many addicts believe they prey on the weak. However, many users who utilize their style of gaming are said to be interested in the changes which are soon to come in the form of maximum betting limits on FOBTs.

While you will still keep what you win, those using even the best UK casino sites will need to get used to the idea that maximum bets are going to be coming in place as soon as possible to help try and reduce the problem the industry suffers from.

This comes in alongside massive changes which are being put in to try and combat problematic gambling behaviors amongst people. With the options for online gaming on the rise with a constant stream of new online casinos, UK gamers need to be vigilant and ready to try and keep up with the changes that are coming on.

The addictive nature of FOBTs, which can allow massive bets of as much as £100, are supposed to be stripped down – with calls for a £2 maximum bet on FOBTs and similar online placements being met with rather stern opposition. However, it’s likely that changes will take place in the near future as over 10% of FOBT users are known and suffering gambling addicts.

For this reason, it’s vital that people can begin to make changes to how they work and operate these machines. From the latest UK free spins offers that are on the web to fixed odds being reduced dramatically, it’s likely that major and significant changes will be meeting the industry soon as people try to do more to combat the risky and dangerous nature of modern gaming and gambling within the UK, reducing addiction numbers.

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