Finland looks set to follow Swedish gaming model

All across Scandinavia, new casino sites are appearing all the time. Though countries like Sweden and Norway have pushed heavily for regulation of their market, other nations have yet to do so. For example, Scandinavian neighbours Finland have set the course to follow the Swedish model. For some time now, casino slots in Scandinavia has been becoming a far more regulated part of the gaming industry.

With the massive success of the reforms which have taken place in Sweden, we could see even more change come out in the near future. While Finland has still got a more hard-line approach to dealing with international investment, online casinos in Finland are becoming more open-minded to the prospect.

Having opened up the market to the private industry in January 2019, Sweden enjoys a fantastic year from the increased revenue. With all casinos now having to be licensed to use their large gaming population, the revenues going back into the coffers of Sweden has simply soared.

As Finland faces the same kind of issues with unlicensed casinos taking money out of the economy, it’s time to see action. If they choose to follow the Swedish model, that could solve the issue. With so many free slots in Scandinavia to play, too, gamers can now take part in casino gaming without having to pay for the privilege.

Should you wish to do so, though, and you live in Finland, you should expect a new system soon.

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