European Gaming and Betting Association Challenges Norske Gaming Ban

As one of the major names in the Scandinavian circle, Norway has long seen as a great target for the gaming and betting industry. However, while policies across the region become more liberal towards this kind of activity, it would appear that some are taking a much more conservative view of gaming. While other parts of the world, such as the United Kingdom, continue to be more open-minded about online gaming (despite a tightening of regulation for advertising etc.), others become far less open-minded.

Now, Norway has taken the decision to exclude online casino gaming operations to try and remove competition to state gaming platforms. Before this can become law, though, it has to go through the European Commission.

The European Gaming and Betting Association is to try and challenge this ruling, though, and do what they can to put an end to this blanket ban on the Norse industry. The argument is that privacy and data protection laws have been broken by the government when collecting information about online gambling payments.

This could be seen as going against European Union law, which would make for a very interesting discussion. This also goes against the EU rulings for the free movement of goods and services across the trade block.

Whatever comes next, this interesting move is going to have a major impact on the Norse and Scandinavian gaming platform as a whole. More on this interesting story as it comes out. For any Norse gamers worried that they might be about to miss out on the boon of online casino gaming, though, other previous laws were voted down by the EU in the end.

Blocking international operators do not typically go down well with the EU, so this verdict will have an interesting impact in the whole gaming community as a whole.

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