European Gambling Continues to Grow

While for many gamblers in Europe the UK online casino scene is without doubt the largest, Europe is beginning to catch up. What was once seen as a very British thing – UK online casino gaming – has become far more global and, as regulations continue to relax, more and more countries are joining in.

Indeed, according to The Leader, growth across European nations is impressive indeed. Apparently, growth has been improving at a rate of a whopping 84% in growth thanks to online slots revenue. While many new UK online casino sites appear all the time, many new European equivalents are now beginning to become commonplace!

Indeed, Spain has been one of the fastest growers with online roulette seeing a huge upsurge in Spain. Reports show that year-on-year, there has been an online casino growth of 22.66% in revenue across the second quarter of 2017. This shows that, despite the negative image portrayed regularly of online gaming, that nothing is slowing it down.

Many governments in Europe are being quite active in trying to make online gaming more accessible, Spain especially. Also, add in the massive sporting partnerships with online gaming – Real Madrid, for example, have been partnered with Bwin for a long time – and it’s easy to see why European gambling is beginning to grow at such an exponential rate.

Mobile gaming, too, plays a major role in this growth according to The Leader. Global gambling popularity is up, but the UKGC showed that mobile casino gaming is playing a critical role in the rapid rise of gaming and gambling across the continent.

We don’t expect this to slow down; the UK is one of the few countries in Europe looking to make a change to gambling regulation for the worse: everyone else is expanding!

It will certainly be interesting to see where one of the most common arguments in the industry will go, as people turn to various solutions in a bid to slow down problem gambling once and for all. While Britain looks to try stem the flow, though, other countries are opening the doors. With Britain exiting the European Union, too, it will be interesting to see how it plays its position on gambling in the years to come.

Having been the starting point for many in the European gambling scene, their reaction in the long-term is going to be pretty telling.

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