Dutch Gambling Regulation Pushed Back Until 2021

When the Dutch government decided that it was time to make major, sweeping changes to their gambling regulation, fans of the industry hoped they would move a bit faster. Now, though, it appears that the Dutch gaming regulator, the Kansspelautoriteit, are going to have to push it back again – this time until January 2021. However, even that is not definite, as Chairman of the authority, Rene Jansen, said this was “hopefully” the case.

This came at the recent Gaming in Holland conference, which brought many names from across the industry together. It’s one of the main reasons why many people have taken to the Dutch casino gaming industry with such gusto. However, what was one such an open and fast-moving industry has now seen more than a few changes that have slowed down the entire process.

Indeed, it’s now expected that the legislation, passed in February and expected to be put through for January 2020, will now be pushed back for a while year. Anyone wishing to join the new Dutch gaming scene, whenever it finally opens, would have to pay a €45,000 fee for licensing.

However, this is not likely to take place anytime soon. At the moment, Dutch gamers are mostly stuck with the same issues that they have for a while: a lack of movement and a paucity of answers. Hopefully, this time, the 2021 date will be stuck and set in stone. This entire debate has gone on long enough.

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