DraftKings Secures New Jersey Deal with NetEnt

Forever moving into new markets and changing the scope of casino gaming, NetEnt look to have done it again. As one of the masterminds of the wider industry, they come to the forefront of major changes and adjustments. Well, they look like they might have just made some very significant headway in the New Jersey gaming industry. They have just secured an impressive new deal with DraftKings.

This is a very important deal for the wider casino industry. As one of the regulated markets of the United States, New Jersey is seen as vital to the future of US casino gaming. The introduction of NetEnt to a major name like DraftKings, though, is only likely to help improve the standard and general quality of the entire casino industry within America.

This move, then, though is likely to have some very positive changes for US gamers. For one, it means that the NetEnt group will make even more headway into one of the most lucrative and high-potential areas of casino gaming.

When the news was announced on the 25th April 2019, the Managing Director of NetEnt Americas, Erik Nyman, said: “We are very excited to have landed a deal with DraftKings. As the world leader in fantasy sports, with a large player base they will add a new dimension to the market and we are confident that their players will enjoy our popular games.”

This could be a landmark deal for American gamers.

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