Danish Deposit Restrictions Causing Consternation

Amid a series of changes and adjustments in the Scandinavian online casino gaming industry, another looks set to arrive. Denmark looks likely to bring in a deposit restriction for their online casino and sports betting thrills. This surprising turn could see the change coming in soon, with the aim to limit deposits to just £120, or DKK1000.

Talk of deposit limits has also arrived alongside talk of abolishing wagering requirements. Denmark looks set to try and force some new changes in its gaming industry, as it tries to bring series change come July 1st.

The move has naturally brought about a lot of surprise from Danish gamers. Radical suggestions have been on the cards for some time, as the country looks to try and change the face of the gaming industry in the country. With the limits likely to come in, then, there’s also talk of a forced deposit limit before playing online.

These changes are set to become quite important in the face of it, as the nation tries to curb its growing gaming scene. These new ideas, though, are proposals being forward by the government and follow ideas of similar nations nearby such as Sweden. However, other schemes, such as the self-exclusion scheme rumoured to be introduced by the Danes, has not been so successful elsewhere.

Confusion with national database access and personal data bypasses means that, for self-exclusion at least, other measures might be needed. This, though, could simply be the start of even more significant change across the Danish gaming scene. With concerns over the quality of the solutions being offered based on precedent elsewhere, it’ll be up to Denmark to find a common solution.

At the moment, though, deposit limits are easily the most controversial and radical of anti-gambling suggestions.

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