Croatia Edges Closer to Online Casino Gaming Regulation

For some time, lawmakers in Croatia have long since debated the pros and cons of online casino gaming. Now, it looks like change might indeed be afoot, with talks that there could be a new online setting put in place for Croatian gamers in the near future. this would be an interesting change to the wider market, with the main idea to cut down on the HRK2 billion unregulated market that exists at the moment.

The Croatian Ministry of Finance has been working on new and improved legislation for some time that would help to better organize the local gambling scene across the country. It would also mean that foreign operators would need to gain a license to get access to the lucrative and growing Croatian gaming market.

It would also mean that anyone who was unable or unwilling to compromise would probably suffer exclusion from the market. Presently, it’s estimated that the unregulated market could be costing the country over two billion HRK, which is a considerable sum of money to be missed out on for a country of the size of Croatia.

The main reason that unregulated markets are so popular though is apparently due to the high taxation system put in place within the gaming scene in Croatia. With up to 10% of earnings taxed and up to 30% for winnings over HRK500,000, it’s easy to see why there might be a desire to maintain competition ahead of regulation.

For now, though, we can expect to see a meaningful change to the way that the Croatian gambling system works. Long since been discussed as the next European nation to go through a major change, this will certainly cause much debate in the coming months across the wider Croatian government.

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