Coins of Egypt™ NetEnt Slot

For some time, NetEnt Casino has had its finger on the pulse when it comes to thematic decisions on online casino slots designs. One of their most recent moves, then, has been to make the most of the rise in appreciation of Ancient Egyptian culture. Indeed, with the release of Coins of Egypt Slot to come later on in the year, we can expect another trip to the sands to be just as exciting as other mythological jaunts.

This one is set to arrive in early October, with a release date of 8th October set at the moment. This game is likely to carry some very familiar yet fun mechanics, and will grow to a large portfolio of exiting and historically inspired slots games.

While there is not a huge deal known about the style or standard of the challenges involved, this is sure to provide a fun online casino gaming experience. It breaks away from some of the more traditional styles, and pops its head into a genre that might just make some of the most exciting casino slots gaming.

After all, part of the fun of a trip to Ancient Egypt is the possibility of finding unique trinkets and baubles. Well, why not be ready to try it out for yourself? You never know what kind of amazing wizardry is going to await you when you get into Coins of Egypt – with a release date not far off, you won’t have long to wait to potentially get your hands on the gold of the Pharaohs themselves.

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