Changes to Casino Advertising Incoming

In recent times, there has been a significant light shone upon the United Kingdom’s management of the gambling industry. New Advertising Standards Agency head Lord David Currie has recently been installed and spoke clearly about the ‘liberalization’ of gambling and the normalization of its advertisement.

Therefore, it might be likely that many of the online casino sites UK players have grown to depend upon can find it harder to advertise for themselves in the years to come. Changes are afoot, as major opposition from the Labour Party and beyond has seen major pressure land on the various online casino sites that are used across the UK.

When he was first installed in his role, Currie began to speak quite candidly about gambling regulation in the media. Speaking about the rise in the use of fixed-odds betting terminals as well as the growth of advertising for new online casinos UK regulators look set to try and manage the process a little better than it has been until now.

With 2 million Brits at risk of developing problematic gambling tendencies, there’s significant change afoot at present. The Gambling Commission revealed this startling figure, with a rise of just under a third having taken place in a mere three years.

Currie, though, was at pains to make the point that the gaming industry cannot be expected to solve every problem that they face. While it looks like advertising might take a significant step back in terms of its overall prominence, it’s very likely that change is afoot in terms of how casino advertising will be managed long-term

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