Casumo Pulls Offending Advert in UK

As a major part of the UK gaming scene, casino slots have become a massive part of the advertising industry. They make up a large portion of the kind of ads that we see on TV, but the Advertising Standards Authority has always been quite strict about what is and is not allowed to take part on TV screens up and down the UK.

While not one of the new casino sites, Casumo is still growing within the UK market. The news, then, that they will be forced to take down their latest advert from TV is a blow to their ability to build an audience. Known as a site with a good no deposit bonus UK gamers can tap into, Casumo’s offending advert was offering free spins and other rewards.

The main offending part of the advert, though, came from the fact that it offered some form of reward to those who would Google ways to bar themselves from taking part in gambling. The Malta-based firm has already paid over £5.5m in penalties in recent times, and this latest argument is one that is going to really impact on their ability to keep growing on the market.

They have suffered from a bit of back and forth with the ASA over the legitimacy of some of their adverts, which has led to some pretty serious changes in how new casino sites, and old, conduct themselves when advertising across the UK.

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